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Currently completing my dissertation and creating new ice cream production flavors!

Happy New Year!

We’re in the midst of working on a new community project called ONE WORLD

HAPPY 2010!

World Citizens Blog

Today’s Inspiration Quote: “Bloom Where You’re Planted” – Mary Engelbreit quoted in Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance

Hey!  Check out my friend’s new WORLD CITIZENS BLOG.  AJ was adopted from India, and “planted” in the USA.  His blog is at

Also, my new website is up and running.  A million thanks to the fabulous Jess Emmett for helping me (I’m such a techie-klutz!).

Hope everyone is enjoying summer, and “blooming where they are planted.”  🙂 More soon…

Happy 2009!

Global Girls’ (G2) Travel Diaries

The Inspiration Blog for Women & Girls Who

Love to Travel, Keep It Simple, & Follow Their Dreams….

Welcome to Global Girls’ (G2) Travel Diaries. My name is Jennifer Bao Yu “Precious Jade.” The photo above was taken from my hotel balcony in beautiful Ronda, a small town that lies at the tip of Andalucia in southern Spain. I have been an orphan, an immigrant, a global girl, an American citizen, an illegal alien, a travel writer, a Harvard grad and I continue to be a fantastic klutz. My dad, a former football fanatic from Pasadena, California, has blue eyes and brown hair. My birthmother is from Jiangsu Province, China. My brother was adopted from Korea. At nearly age 2, I came home to California with my new parents. It was 1979. At the time, adoption from China was almost unheard of.

This bouquet of love letters to the world is based on three main principles: Global Girls Proactively Connect. Global Girls Share. Global Girls Inspire. These pages are portable bridges to luscious lands of travel and discovery. Its heart is a message of hope. Its words may whisper to you, giggle, shout, soothe, tickle, prompt, question. Most of all, we hope these words will connect you. Recharge you. Nourish and inspire you. There is a MAGIC deep inside YOU. Won’t you share it? Your happiness could be your greatest gift to yourself and, by extension, to others. Taking care of yourself first ensures that you have energy and time and the ability to do everything else better, including taking care of and giving back to our gorgeous planet.

Ready to be a Global Girl at any age? Then close your eyes, take a deep breathe, dedicate this adventure to someone you love, and thank yourself for taking time for you. Wishing you the very best maps, a constellation of guides, and a year full of invigorating transformations. Together, we can connect, share, and inspire one another to live with purpose, harmony, and profound peace, putting the pieces of this world back together. Let’s switch on – one girl at a time, – a string of bright lights encircling our beautiful planet. Thank you for visiting.

Cordialement [“best regards” in French],

Jennifer Bao Yu “Precious Jade”


Inspiration for Women & Girls Who

Love to Travel, Keep It Simple, & Follow Their Dreams….

G2 Travel Diaries: The Inspiration Blog for Women and Girls Who Love to Travel, Keep It Simple, and Follow Their Dreams….

Greetings from the Rockies – Colorado, USA! 

Today’s Inspiration Quote:  “I am a mystery.” – an anonymous global teen from Colorado who sat in my audience

Who are you today?  Hmmmm…

Today’s Mini-Success-Step(s): Doing pilates for 15 minutes for the first time in weeks (and I stretched).  I hate stretching!  Also, blogging (have been avoiding it for, ah…months!).

Today’s Gratitude List: the fantastic girls I met in today’s audience; the 40 entries (answering the question “Who am I?”) contributed by teens in my audience for our forthcoming book project; the adorable cabin on a hill called “Evergreen” where I sit and type beneath a palette of purple, pink, and baby blue hues snuggled against the tips of mountain tops; the delicious phone chats with my wise friends Mrs. Rubin and CAL Teen Ambassador Juleigh Duke; the supportive phone hugs from my boyfriend (wishing me luck for my talks); the tranquil quiet here at night (not even the purr of cars in the distance can be heard); the brainstorming session with Heritage Camp volunteers. 

August 31, 2008 Rocky Mountain Travels

This is my first trip to Colorado Heritage Camps, USA.  The air here is clean and crisp.  

 What a view!  (on my way to Chinese Heritage Camp with Iris Culp and her daughters…)

Giving my talk: “Bridging Global Girls”…….here’s the audience!  It’s been a great experience.  The global girls, Executive Director Pam Sweetser, Director Dawn Wong, and the great volunteers who make the camp possible have been incredible, inspirational, and so very welcoming. 

During today’s talks I told the girls about our Global Girls’ Postcard Project, led by Jenna Cook, CAL (Chinese Adoptee Links) Teen Ambassador from Massachussetts.    Afterwards, Jasmine (a teen I had the privilege of meeting last month in Colorado) approached me to share the news about her new song recording!  Jasmine is 12-years-old, was adopted from China, and is a budding musician.  Check out her website:

Next on the itinerary…..back to Denver, then off to NYC, Harvard, Vermont, and more!